P. Kornelije Kordić passed away.

On April 22, at the University Clinical Hospital in Mostar, Fr. Kornelija Kordić died at the age of 85, at the age of 68 and at the age of 59.



 Cornelius was born in 1936 in Vionica, a village a few kilometers away from Medjugorje.  He took his first religious vows in 1957, and was ordained a priest on August 19, 1962 in Humac.


 In his religious and priestly vocation, he performed pastoral duties as parish vicar, guardian and pastor in the Herzegovina Franciscan Province.


 Particular emphasis is placed on his humanitarian work, care for culture, preservation of antiquities, historical monuments, documents and other cultural and traditional values ​​of the Croatian people.


 Holy Mass of Remembrance will be celebrated at the Podadvor Cemetery in Čitluk on Friday, April 23 at 14:00, followed by funeral rites and burial of the remains of the deceased.


 Eternal peace is bestowed upon him, Lord!


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